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Moon Shine Text Effect

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Moon Shine Text Effect 000Fresh of the line from tutorial 9, is a demonstration on how to create an exceptional font in photoshop. The MoonShine text is clean and gentle when it comes to its appearance. Check out the tutorial from Tutorial 9 after the jump.

Step 1 – Background

Since this text effect looks best on dark colored backgrounds, let’s create one. Using the color #0f1c25and black, create a radial gradient from the center of your document.

Moon Shine Text Effect 001

Step 2 – Setting the Type

Let’s set some type in the document to use the effect on. Bolder and stronger fonts will work better!

Moon Shine Text Effect 002


Step 3 – Setting Up the Layer Style

Go into your text layers Blending Options (Right Click Layer > Blending Options).

Apply the layer effects shown below, making any modifications as needed.

Drop Shadow

Moon Shine Text Effect 003

Outer Glow


Moon Shine Text Effect 004

Inner Glow


Moon Shine Text Effect 005

Gradient Overlay

#afd3e2 to White

Moon Shine Text Effect 006
Moon Shine Text Effect 007



MoonShine [ via Tutorial 9 ]



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April 7, 2009 at 2:44 am

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