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Gmail gets a new engine for iPhone and Android-powered devices

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Gmail gets a new engine for iPhone and Android-powered devices 000Google has just pushed out a new Gmail engine for iPhone and Android users, adding features like (some) offline access, a “floaty bar” for archive, delete, and more, and quicker access to search and tasks.

The new Gmail for mobile will  help you tackle your inbox faster. Gone are the days when you had to archive multiple messages by selecting each one, then scrolling all the way up (or down) to reach the archive button. Our fingers were getting sore with all the scrolling and we’re willing to bet yours were too. Now when you select a message, a floaty bar appears near the top of the screen with options to archive, delete, and more. In fact, the floaty bar stays with you as you scroll through your inbox, so you can easily archive, delete, or view more options no matter where you are.

The improved the look and feel of messages. Labels are easier to read and are more in-line with the familiar Gmail labels you see on your desktop. We also moved the search menu up into the top header, making it more accessible.

Go to gmail.com from your mobile browser to give it a try, and stay tuned for feature additions and improvements. For easy access to your Gmail, create a homescreen link.
Gmail gets a new engine for iPhone and Android-powered devices 001

*Please note: The new Gmail for mobile only supports iPhone/iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 or above. If you have an older firmware version, you’ll be directed to the previous Gmail for mobile. All Android-powered phones are supported. New Gmail for mobile is available for English only. The roll out will occur over the course of a day, so please check back later if you don’t see the updated user interface right away

Check out the video below to see new Gmail for mobile in action:


Written by James Lam

April 7, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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