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Safari 4 beta for Mac & Windows

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Apple has just rolled out a the beta version of Safari 4, If your willing to take first crack, the browser can be downloaded at Apples official site. Safari is the only web browser to pass Acid 3. Acid 3 tests a browser’s ability to fully render pages using the web standards used to build dynamic, next-generation websites, including CSS, JavaScript, XML, and SVG. Download link after the break.

If you encounter a problem with a website, choose “Report Bugs to Apple” from the Safari menu. Note the URL and problem type and provide a brief description. Reports can help Apple work with website developers to correct the problem and improve your browsing experience. Each time you download and activate a plug-in, Safari logs and displays it in the Installed Plug-ins view in the Help menu. Safari groups the plug-ins by category, listing the name, version number, description, and associated extensions for each plug-in.

Safari is the only browser that includes tools for managing the offline databases that will be part of the next generation of websites. The Databases pane in Safari 4 allows you to view tables and databases and even execute SQL queries. The Resources pane graphs the order and speed at which website components load over the network. It’s also the first tool that lets you sort data based on loading parameters such as latency, response time, and duration. You can graph page resources by either size or load time. Clicking a resource in the left column brings up detailed data on the right. For text resources, such as documents and scripts, you see the text source of the file. For image and font resources, you view a graphical preview of the file.

View Apples 150 new feature list for Safari 4 beta, here. Safari  implemented the latest innovative web standards and enabling next-generation Internet experiences. With support for HTML 5 media tags, CSS animation, and CSS effects, web designers can create rich, interactive web applications using natively supported web standards. A standards-compliant browser, Safari renders current and future web applications as they were meant to be seen.

Safari 4 Beta [via Apple]

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February 24, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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